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My name is Russ Hovendick and my life has centered on helping others. To me there is no greater fulfillment than being able to play a part in positively impacting an individual's life.

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South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs Larry Zimmerman Interview

Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs Larry Zimmerman speaks about Veteran issues both nationally and within the state of South Dakota. Larry discusses the objectives and recent developments of Operation RAV and his efforts to personally reach every veteran in South Dakota. Larry also hails the efforts of the Directional Motivation team to impact the lives of veterans and their families. For veteran resources including the book ” Deployment to Employment: A guide for military veterans transitioning to civilian employment” visit
For more information on south Dakota Veteran Affairs visit

Military transitioning and the challenges involved.

Marine veteran Varick discusses the challenges of finding employment upon returning from military deployment. Varick gives his perspective and advice to other veterans facing the same challenges. Interview with Directional Motivation and KELO radio host Bill Zortman from It’s your business!

10 Steps for a Military to Civilian Career Networking Action Plan

By Chad Storlie

Networking skills are one of the well recognized skill sets that will make the difference in finding a job, advancing a career, and learning new skills to improve your professional development. The challenge for military veterans transitioning into a new career is how to network. Everyone realizes that networking is important – the question is how do you network in an effective manner? How do you create a networking plan?

Below is a step-by-step plan employing military skill sets that have been adapted to create a successful and personal career networking plan.

10 Steps for a Military to Civilian Career Networking Action Plan

1. What do I Want to Do, Learn, Or Achieve Through Networking – Your Goal? Brainstorm what your purpose and goals are for networking. Are you seeking employment, a closer connection with a hiring manager, or do you want to learn a new skill, such as sales? Knowing what you want to achieve through networking is vital.
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The Importance of Veterans in Your Ranks

By Michael E. Echols, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Bellevue University

Our nation’s veterans are in the news, with individuals deployed for duty coming home and struggling to find traction in the civilian workforce. According to labor statistics, veterans have higher unemployment rates than the general population. They may also be underemployed — languishing in positions that don’t take advantage of the very skills most businesses say they need most today.

In fact, the 2012 PwC 15th Annual CEO Survey reports that more than half of the more than 1,250 company leaders polled cited a lack of key skills among veterans as a major challenge for their organizations. Only 30 percent said they are confident they will have access to the talent they need over the next three years.
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Directional Motivation featured on TV and Radio

KDLTWe have had a successful week getting out into the community and spreading the word about all that we are doing with Directional Motivation and especially helping our returning veterans. KDLT news featured a story centered around the Deployment to Employment book and also the success that one veteran has experienced with it.

Congratulations to Bill Zortman -Host of It’s Your Business for his 500th show! Russ was one of the guests who got to participate in the milestone show and speak about the employment maket and veterans.

Russ also had the chance to visit with Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether and talk briefly about the local needs in the Sioux Falls market and the role that veterans play in the employment equation.




My Gratitude To Our Veterans

My gratitude this day goes to the most overlooked members of our society; our veterans. To these men and women I can only say with humility that I am unworthy. Unworthy of the blood shed and lives lost. Unworthy of the sacrifices that you, our country’s defenders and protectors, made to allow people like me to live free. I am indebted to you. This indebtedness was the driving force behind my efforts to build a website and write a book to help veterans through the transition back into society. My intent was not only to help military veterans succeed in finding employment, but also to spread awareness to the tremendous struggles military veterans face upon returning to the private sector. For so many of you, your lives will never be the same.

America’s heroes have demonstrated in the face of incredible odds that we can count on them. Employers, may I suggest interviewing a veteran for your next opening? I’m sure you will find that our veterans have so much to offer.

Veterans, my work can never come close to paying my debt to you, but I hope that you will view my efforts as a partial thank you. “My Gratitude!”

Directional Motivation on the Jon Michaels Radio Show

Recently Directional Motivation founder Russ Hovendick was interviewed by Jon Michaels. In this interview Russ discusses his book Deployment to Employment as well as the other resources available to veterans.


JV Attraction Interview

JV Attraction founder Ruth Anne Wood interviews Russ Hovendick, Author, Executive Recruiter, Career Coach, and Founder of the Directional Motivation organization shares the secrets to interviewing, career advancement, and success strategies for military veterans transitioning back into the private employment sector. Russ also shares with JV ATTRACTION the power of having a strong mission that rallies community passion, service and support.

Are we forgetting someone?

Our veterans have served our country, now its time we served them. Today there are over one million veterans that are unemployed. With the recent military downsizing, the ranks are growing daily. They need help. Do you realize the power you have in making a difference?

Our returning veterans face tremendous challenges in adjusting to civilian life and obtaining meaningful employment.  Think about trying to provide for spouses and children in this new civilian world that is so foreign to the veteran.  To help veterans make the transition I have published a book that is a step by step guide through the transition process. “Deployment to Employment: A guide for military veterans transitioning to civilian employment”.

But what good is a book, if no one knows about it? That’s where you come in. I believe that if you are like the majority of Americans, you would want to get involved in providing answers to this crisis. You probably know someone who is in this transition to civilian life, over 90% of Americans do.  A grass roots effort is the answer. I am asking you to get involved today in our “Invest in a Vet” campaign. We are asking you, and hundreds of other Americans to support our veterans by purchasing this book and giving it to the very friends, relatives, and co-workers that you know facing the transition. Our veterans need help and they need it now! You can help them.

Purchase your copies today directly through our publisher at the following link:

Thank you for not forgetting those who have protected our freedom.

Deployment to Employment–January Jones Interview

Recently Russ was interviewed on the January Jones radio show about the newest book in the Directional Motivation series titled “Deployment to Employment: A Guide for Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Employment.
Described by numerous military personnel as being “The one resource that every transitioning veteran should have” this book provides a step by step guide to success in landing civilian employment. The book’s conversational approach and easy to follow steps will provide every reader with the tools needed to land the right job. From Rob Nielsen, former Marine Corps company commander and platoon commander “In thirty minutes of reading Deployment to Employment, I learned what took me months to gather and learn from multiple seminars, resources, business coaches, and others. This book should be required reading for all service members approaching their post-military chapter of life.”
The book is available on Amazon today! Buy Now