My Gratitude To Our Veterans

My gratitude this day goes to the most overlooked members of our society; our veterans. To these men and women I can only say with humility that I am unworthy. Unworthy of the blood shed and lives lost. Unworthy of the sacrifices that you, our country’s defenders and protectors, made to allow people like me to live free. I am indebted to you. This indebtedness was the driving force behind my efforts to build a website and write a book to help veterans through the transition back into society. My intent was not only to help military veterans succeed in finding employment, but also to spread awareness to the tremendous struggles military veterans face upon returning to the private sector. For so many of you, your lives will never be the same.

America’s heroes have demonstrated in the face of incredible odds that we can count on them. Employers, may I suggest interviewing a veteran for your next opening? I’m sure you will find that our veterans have so much to offer.

Veterans, my work can never come close to paying my debt to you, but I hope that you will view my efforts as a partial thank you. “My Gratitude!”

About Russ Hovendick

My name is Russ Hovendick and my life has centered on helping others. To me there is no greater fulfillment than being able to play a part in positively impacting an individual's life. Connect with Russ on Google+

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