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My name is Russ Hovendick and my life has centered on helping others. To me there is no greater fulfillment than being able to play a part in positively impacting an individual's life.

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Military Interviews -Scott Haas

Our guest Scott Haas is the talent acquisition manager for ThyssenKrupp Aerospace. Scott discusses the job market for veterans and addresses how veterans can make themselves stand out in such a competitive job market.

The Scoop on Resumes and Cover Letters

By: Capiz Greene


People spend way too much time worrying, fretting about and re-doing resumes during a job
search. Here are some basic rules and tips for resumes and cover letters that allow you to
showcase yourself in the best light, and be as time efficient as possible in your job search.
REMEMBER: When you are looking for a job, it IS a full time job! Here is a way to look at the whole process:

1. In a job search, the product is YOU.

2. YOU must be promoted in the best light, to the most people possible who will BUY YOU.

3. The cover letter and resume are the two initial promotional tools you use to get the attention of
your target market: the potential employer.

4. The Cover Letter is the “teaser” – it is the preview of what is to come. (Much like the news
teasers – “100 car pile up on interstate 94 – details at 10”)

5. The Resume then becomes the “Ad” for your product. It includes just enough information to
raise the potential employers’ curiosity and get them to call you in for an interview.
a. Many people make the mistake of putting EVERYTHING about themselves in the
resume – enough information to land them in the circular file (the trash can).

6. It is important to keep in mind that simple, direct and easy to scan is the rule to live by in
writing resumes and cover letters.

7. Know your top three (3) areas of strengths and prime story examples that show evidence and support of those strengths.

8. Include a line in your cover letter that states you will follow up on a particular day…then do it!

9. Structure your resume beginning with a summary (not an objective), and then follow with
your accomplishments.

10. Write in active voice: eliminate the phrases “Duties Included” and “Responsible for”.
a. Employers want to know what you actually DID, not a copy of your job description.

11. Omit a “job objective”. In this fast paced, impatient I-Want-It-NOW world of scanning, a job objective limits you to that one objective and is the quickest way to weed you out!

12. You do not have to list your work experience all the way back to the time of Moses. The last 10 years is all that is needed.

13. But I had some really good jobs further back than 10 years! How can I not include them?!
a. We’ll cover that in the “Accomplishments” section. Really. It’s not hard to look good
on paper!

Once you have the template for writing these two documents, it is a simple matter to move them around and rearrange to accommodate different jobs for which you are applying.
Capiz (pronounced “copy”) Greene is based in Omaha, Nebraska. She is an international speaker and author who works with organizations that want to create environments where people can achieve and perform at their best and individuals who want careers that reflect their passion and purpose.

For more information on outplacement/job transition services, please contact Capiz at

Directional Motivation’s Scholarship Winner

Audra was the winner of Directional Motivation’s first scholarship. Listen to learn how Audra plans to use the money for her education in order to achieve her career goals! We are really excited to play a part in her educational pursuits.
If you are also pursuing your educational goals and could use some assistance please apply for our scholarship at

Bad Attitudes Are Like Flat Tires

There are few things more toxic than a bad attitude. It not only effects you, but everyone around you. The only way to move forward is to change it!


How to gain access to many “blocked” LinkedIn profiles completely free-

We are excited to provide you with some of the best and free internet researching tools available. Carol Martin, a member of our core team, provides excellent tools for researching companies and individuals within these organizations, to help in your job search. She also shares why new grads are in a very good position in the current economy, due to the baby boomers reaching retirement age. She also shares tips on accessing Linkedin profiles completely free.

Powerful site for your job search-

In this video Carol shows viewers how to use a tremendous resource, “Glassdoor”, which allows you to find key company information, current openings, salary ranges, employee reviews of organizations, and even interview questions that are frequently asked by these companies. This is critical information that you need to know going into your next interview.

Overcoming the odds to build a new life: An interview with John Kriesel


John lost both legs from a roadside bomb in Iraq and was never expected to survive, but instead has survived and thrived!! He is now being described by some as the “Beacon of Positive Thinking”, speaking to groups such as students, veterans, Rotarians, church groups and others and is a frequent guest on talk radio shows across the country.
In today’s interview John speaks about the importance of staying positive and making use of all available resources, no matter what life throws your way.

John Kriesel Interview

Military Interview- Steve Esposito

Steve Esposito is an accomplished executive with over 30 years’ experience working with mid-size and large corporations in the aerospace and defense industry. He has held roles as a Business Unit Director with Rockwell Collins and as Vice President of Business Development for Telephonics Corporation. Mr. Esposito holds a BS in Communications from St. John’s University and completed executive development programs at the Wharton School of Business and Harvard University. Steve and his family currently reside in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
In today’s interview Steve discusses opportunities available for returning veterans and also the importance of utilizing available tools and resources in your job search.

Steve E. Interview

The #1 thing you need to know in 2013’s employment marketplace


Many of us never think of ourselves as sales people, believing that our work will sell itself on its own merit and accomplishments. This is partially true, but salesmanship is a learned skill, and is more about who you are & how you live your life than pitching any product. A true salesperson, is anyone that lives their life for the betterment of others, and demonstrates a consistency of beliefs that brings credence to their efforts. To successfully sell a product you must fully believe in it. In truth the only product each of has to sell is ourselves. Do you believe in you and are you living a life that others can believe in? With 78% of US employers stating that they are looking to hire in 2013, this sales approach could make your 2013 an awesome year for you!

Go get that raise in 2013!


Unfortunately, raises are not given, they are earned. Be sure and set up a time to meet with your boss to ask about the possibility of a raise and review the steps in the book. Wishing, hoping, and complaining to others about getting a raise isn’t getting you anywhere.