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Directional Motivation Scholarship Winner -Jason Hsieh

The winner of our Directional Motivation Scholarship is Jason Hsieh. Jason is currently an undergraduate student studying at the University of Southern California, aspiring to become a pediatrician. He works with children after school to educate them on numerous areas of health such as eating well and anti-bullying. At the same time, he is also a researcher at the Keck School of Medicine Stem Cell Center learning about the regenerative abilities of periosteums surrounding the bone. When he needs to step away from science and academics, he says he likes to focus on dance – letting his emotions and stress escape through his body as he surrounds himself with music. Congratulations Jason!

Jason Hsieh

Employer Spotlight – Foremost Farms USA, Interview #2, 7-1-13

In today’s interview Directional Motivation’s founder Russ Hovendick speaks with Joan Behr -Director of Corporate Communication and Brand Management at Foremost Farms USA. Topics include: Foremost Farms USA product line, Internship opportunities and educational scholarships.

Directional Motivation’s Scholarship Winner

Audra was the winner of Directional Motivation’s first scholarship. Listen to learn how Audra plans to use the money for her education in order to achieve her career goals! We are really excited to play a part in her educational pursuits.
If you are also pursuing your educational goals and could use some assistance please apply for our scholarship at http://www.directionalmotivation.com/scholarships.php