Olympic Motivation

by Andrew Rock

Gold Medalist Andrew Rock

As an Olympic Gold Medalist, I am asked frequently about my motivation, drive, and commitment towards excellence. What does it take to achieve beyond what you think is imaginable? How did you manage all of the hard work it took to get there?

First, I want to say that I believe the following principles apply to many circumstances – athletics, career, job search, etc. A few of my thoughts on this:

Goal Setting:

To start, I believe strongly in goal setting. What do you want to accomplish or be? Once you have that established you can then decide how you are going to get there. In order to have an unwavering motivation, I think it is essential to set small goals that are measurable and achievable. You need to feel like you are making progress in order to stay committed. These goals cannot be so difficult to achieve that you lose hope but must be challenging enough to make sure you are working hard and committing yourself towards your ultimate goal.

Appreciate the Journey:

Hard work is just that, hard. In order to manage the daily commitment you must derive meaning from the journey. It cannot just be about the end result, but you have to find of sense of gratification in pushing yourself towards becoming better. I look at my career in running. I ran at the Olympics for 44 seconds, that’s it. Not a significant amount of time in my life and if that’s all it was to me – the work, the discipline, the commitment for that amount of time, wow, what a waste. It is so much more. I have memories, relationships, and satisfactions along the way that no one can ever take from me. That is a lot more than 44 seconds and kept me motivated to push myself to the limits. You must find meaning and value in the process of becoming your best.

Significance/Meaning to you:

Motivation is affecting by the significance you feel in what you are doing. Caring about your performance and your commitment will drive you to work hard. I believe there is a strong significance in working hard towards a goal and that will provide satisfaction to you. Allow yourself to be fulfilled by your hard work and commitment.

If you follow a few of these principles, I believe they will strongly affect your motivation. You will feel a sense of meaning, an appreciation for your work, and a path to get there. Being willing to do this is not easy but it will provide meaning and satisfaction beyond your imagination.

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