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10 Steps for a Military to Civilian Career Networking Action Plan

By Chad Storlie

Networking skills are one of the well recognized skill sets that will make the difference in finding a job, advancing a career, and learning new skills to improve your professional development. The challenge for military veterans transitioning into a new career is how to network. Everyone realizes that networking is important – the question is how do you network in an effective manner? How do you create a networking plan?

Below is a step-by-step plan employing military skill sets that have been adapted to create a successful and personal career networking plan.

10 Steps for a Military to Civilian Career Networking Action Plan

1. What do I Want to Do, Learn, Or Achieve Through Networking – Your Goal? Brainstorm what your purpose and goals are for networking. Are you seeking employment, a closer connection with a hiring manager, or do you want to learn a new skill, such as sales? Knowing what you want to achieve through networking is vital.
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Directional Motivation featured on TV and Radio

KDLTWe have had a successful week getting out into the community and spreading the word about all that we are doing with Directional Motivation and especially helping our returning veterans. KDLT news featured a story centered around the Deployment to Employment book and also the success that one veteran has experienced with it.

Congratulations to Bill Zortman -Host of It’s Your Business for his 500th show! Russ was one of the guests who got to participate in the milestone show and speak about the employment maket and veterans.

Russ also had the chance to visit with Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether and talk briefly about the local needs in the Sioux Falls market and the role that veterans play in the employment equation.




My Gratitude To Our Veterans

My gratitude this day goes to the most overlooked members of our society; our veterans. To these men and women I can only say with humility that I am unworthy. Unworthy of the blood shed and lives lost. Unworthy of the sacrifices that you, our country’s defenders and protectors, made to allow people like me to live free. I am indebted to you. This indebtedness was the driving force behind my efforts to build a website and write a book to help veterans through the transition back into society. My intent was not only to help military veterans succeed in finding employment, but also to spread awareness to the tremendous struggles military veterans face upon returning to the private sector. For so many of you, your lives will never be the same.

America’s heroes have demonstrated in the face of incredible odds that we can count on them. Employers, may I suggest interviewing a veteran for your next opening? I’m sure you will find that our veterans have so much to offer.

Veterans, my work can never come close to paying my debt to you, but I hope that you will view my efforts as a partial thank you. “My Gratitude!”

JV Attraction Interview

JV Attraction founder Ruth Anne Wood interviews Russ Hovendick, Author, Executive Recruiter, Career Coach, and Founder of the Directional Motivation organization shares the secrets to interviewing, career advancement, and success strategies for military veterans transitioning back into the private employment sector. Russ also shares with JV ATTRACTION the power of having a strong mission that rallies community passion, service and support.

Veterans need your help!

A recent Forbes article pointed out that there are nearly one million unemployed military veterans in the U.S. according to the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs, and the Department of Labor reports that, for some veteran groups, unemployment is more than 20% higher than the national average.

Invest in a Vet! Purchase Deployment to Employment and give this book to friends, family members, and co-workers to help our nations heroes- you can make a difference!!!

Directional Motivation -Six Sigma Wings for Heroes interview with Dr. Mikel Harry

Directional Motivation was selected to be a sponsor of the Six Sigma Wings for Heroes Scholarship. In today’s interview we speak with Dr. Mikel Harry about what Six Sigma is and the job opportunities it provides. The Six Sigma Wings for Heroes scholarship is designed to provide Six Sigma training to veterans and their immediate family to help them secure high paying jobs.
To learn more and apply for the scholarship click here

Military Interviews -Scott Haas

Our guest Scott Haas is the talent acquisition manager for ThyssenKrupp Aerospace. Scott discusses the job market for veterans and addresses how veterans can make themselves stand out in such a competitive job market.

Overcoming the odds to build a new life: An interview with John Kriesel


John lost both legs from a roadside bomb in Iraq and was never expected to survive, but instead has survived and thrived!! He is now being described by some as the “Beacon of Positive Thinking”, speaking to groups such as students, veterans, Rotarians, church groups and others and is a frequent guest on talk radio shows across the country.
In today’s interview John speaks about the importance of staying positive and making use of all available resources, no matter what life throws your way.

John Kriesel Interview

Military Interview- Steve Esposito

Steve Esposito is an accomplished executive with over 30 years’ experience working with mid-size and large corporations in the aerospace and defense industry. He has held roles as a Business Unit Director with Rockwell Collins and as Vice President of Business Development for Telephonics Corporation. Mr. Esposito holds a BS in Communications from St. John’s University and completed executive development programs at the Wharton School of Business and Harvard University. Steve and his family currently reside in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
In today’s interview Steve discusses opportunities available for returning veterans and also the importance of utilizing available tools and resources in your job search.

Steve E. Interview

Veterans Crisis Line Behind The Scenes

“Behind the Scenes” provides a look into the Veterans Crisis Line call center, housed at a VA Center of Excellence in Canandaigua, N.Y., where qualified, caring responders answer the calls of Veterans, Service members, and their friends and families in times of crisis. In the video, VA responders, many who are Veterans themselves, share their stories and experiences in providing vital support and referrals for Veterans and their loved ones.

The Veterans Crisis Line (1-800-273-8255 and Press 1, chat online at, or text to 838255) is a free, confidential resource that serves Veterans and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.