Executive Leadership Interviews- Lucas Lentsch

Our guest today is Lucas Lentsch. Lucas has been describes as “all about serving others”. Inspired by a desire to make a difference, Lucas’ path of service has taken him to Iraq as a Captain within the National Guard, back to South Dakota as a successful business entrepreneur owning his own Executive recruiting firm, and then to the role of Director of Agriculture Development for the State of South Dakota. Lucas now works for the financial firm of Reinke Gray – Wealth Management.

In today’s interview Lucas discusses the 3 factors that can make an individual a valued entity in the workplace. He also shares his thoughts on employment trends as well as what to look for when considering becoming an employee of a new organization. In the interview Lucas touches on the value of good training programs and mentors. He also discusses his experience in the National Guard and his role as an Operations Manager with Unilever in the Good Humor Breyer’s ice cream division.

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