Overcoming a Downsizing

Over the years I have come across a number of tools that have made an impact in the lives of people. Today, I would like to make you aware of a tool that I have shared with hundreds of individuals who were unemployed or facing the prospect of being unemployed in the near future.

As you face your situation you will be hit with a number of emotions. These emotions can take you on a roller coaster ride and can, in the end, jeopardize future interviews. You may experience days that you are on the “Top of the World” and days where it will take everything within you, just to get out of bed. There will be days where you possess extreme confidence and days of tremendous self-doubt. Let me assure you that these are natural emotions that happen to nearly everyone experiencing a change in employment. Let me share an exercise that I have shared with CEO’s of companies down to hourly personnel that may be helpful for you.

First, let me ask you a question. Who are you and what do you represent, or stand for? What I am really asking is “What’s your value to yourself and those around you, and also to a perspective employer? Let’s be honest. You are a good person. You care, and you have actually accomplished a great deal in your life. This is true for every one of us, but sometimes this fact is hard to realize when emotions take control, and then with them comes self-doubt. So let’s look at a way to stop those negative emotions…NOW!

Here is my advice. Take out a pen and note pad. Yes, you need to write this down!

As fast as you can I want you to list the following:

1. Every positive accomplishment that you have had in your life.
2. Every accomplishment you have had in your career.

(Yes, this will take a little time, but it is well worth it.)

Now I want you to have this list readily available and read it at least twice a day, or even more, if needed. A good plan is to read it upon waking and then again just before you retire for the evening.

What people have found is that this exercise accomplishes several things.

First it helps you to focus on the positives in your life and your career. This keeps you away from the emotional roller coaster ride. How unfortunate is it for you to be having one of those self-doubt days, the same day you're scheduled for an interview. The employer is expecting you to bring energy, positive emotions, and passion, but the negative emotions keep you from presenting the real you. It could have been the perfect company and the perfect opportunity, but you just weren't perfect that day. How unfortunate! This exercise helps to bring your emotions into balance, plus it allows you to be prepared and in the right frame of mind to readily present your accomplishments during the interview, as you have been rehearsing them on a daily basis. Remember, you can control your emotions with the right approach.

Wishing you a very positive day!